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Primo CHX-20GR-B Glass Infrared Heater
3-4 Days
Brand: Primo Model: CHX-20GR-B
Primo CHX-20GR-B Glass Heater Black 2000W with remote controlGlass radiatorWith remote control2 Heating stages: 1000W-2000WLCD touch screenSelection of desired room temperature between 15o C - 35o CSelection timer between 1h to 24hMemory of the last operation for greater ease of useHardened glass co..
Ex Tax:85.47€
Brand: Primo Model: CH-1802
2 Heating stages: 1000W-2000WAutomatic shutdown of the device in case of overheatingWith TURBO fan function for greater efficiencyProduct dimensions: 62.5 x 20 x 40.5 cm. Adjustable thermostatAutomatic shutdown of the device in case of device overturningPower: 2000W..
Ex Tax:50.43€
Brand: Primo Model: GH-615
Safe mode switch, On / off• Device protection thermostat function• Practical & modern Greek Design PRIMO• Thermostat safe operation light• Body coated with a special paint for durability• Greater ease of cleaning• Protection against overheating• Quality & durability construction PRIMO• Shutd..
Ex Tax:29.91€
Brand: Primo Model: HHB1725
HHB1725 PRIMO STAINLESS STEEL BOILER 1.7LTCapacity 1.7LtDual blue LED interior lighting during operationCovered resistanceSecurity systemDetachable anti-salt filterAbility to rotate 360˚ on the baseNon-slip feetDouble walls (plastic inside and stainless steel outside)which give the property "cool to..
Ex Tax:23.93€
Brand: Primo Model: ΥΗΑ01Ε
Characteristics:Oil heater11 Slices3 Heating stages: 1000W-1500W-2500WOn / Off power switchDigital temperature setting from 5ᵒC to 35ᵒCLED screen with white lighting24 hour timerAutomatic shutdown in case of overheating of the deviceAutomatic shutdown in case of device overturningWith wheels for eas..
Ex Tax:101.71€
Out Of Stock
Brand: Primo Model: PD23E-20
High performance 20L dehumidifier with ionization and UV function and color level indicatorHigh efficiency electronic dehumidifier with automatic restart and automatic defrost function.It has a digital display for selecting the humidity level and time.Built-in lighting that changes depending on the ..
Ex Tax:221.37€
Brand: Primo Model: YD-503
Diameter 16 ”(40 cm)  3 Speeds  Rotating 90 °Digital temperature display  Container capacity 1.2lt  Water consumption 280ml / h  2 in 1: Fan and Mist System  The fan can be used with or without mist  7-hour timer  Height: 1.35m  With control for easy use ..
Ex Tax:106.84€
Brand: Primo Model: UVC 38W
Low-wavelength ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base coupling, causing pyrimidine dimers to form and inactivating bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.Dual protection - UV and ozone Covers up to 60m2, 360 degree radiationKills bacteria, mites and viruses Timer 30 minutes Delay 10 secondsWith switch After s..
Ex Tax:84.62€
Brand: Primo Model: TTK 54 E
Dehumidification capacity 16Lt / 24hGerman specifications3 operating speedsDrying clothesAir circulation defrost automationPossibility of continuous drainage in drainageAutomatic dehumidification system, controlled target default value between 35% -85% per 5%When the set humidity value is reached th..
Ex Tax:187.18€
Trotec TCH 19 E
Out Of Stock
Brand: Primo Model: TCH 19 E
ConvectorPower: 2000WGerman specificationsHeating efficiency up to 2000W3 heat levels up to 2000 W (750W / 1250W / 2000W)Safe, fast and healthy heatTurbo fan for fast air recirculationAdjustable thermostat24 hour timerEnergy efficiency thanks to the automatic shut-off when the desired temperature is..
Ex Tax:22.22€
Brand: Primo Model: TCH 22 E
Power: 2000 WattGerman specifications3 heating levels 750W / 1250W / 2000WTurbo fan for fast air recirculationHeating efficiency up to 2000W for clean, odorless heat without condensationSilent heating24-hour timer (from 15 minutes to 24 hours)Adjustable thermostatSafe, fast and healthy heatEnergy ef..
Ex Tax:38.46€
Brand: Primo Model: PRIMO Air Cooler 80586 4.5lt tank 65Watt
PRIMO Air Cooler 80586 4.5lt Container 65WattPrimo Air Coolers have everything you need!They stand out for their powerful motor and quality materials. Now, you can enjoy professional quality and set the ideal temperature in your space!You can choose between 3 speeds (low, mid, high) and activate the..
Ex Tax:84.62€
Brand: Primo Model: PRIMO Air Cooler 80W 80585
PRIMO Air Cooler 80W With 5L Container White 805853 operating speeds (low / mid / high), to adjust the cooling according to your needsAutomatic vertical blind rotationManual adjustment for horizontal blind2 ice packs includedWith wheels for easy movementLow noise levelSpecificationsManufacturer PRIM..
Ex Tax:94.02€
Primo Metal Floor Fan PRFF-80409
Out Of Stock
Brand: Primo Model: Primo Ανεμιστήρας Μεταλλικός Δαπέδου PRFF-80409
Primo Metal Floor Fan PRFF-80409Specifications:Diameter: 16 '' (40cm)Heavy typeTilted air direction3 SpeedsPower: 90W..
Ex Tax:59.83€
Brand: Primo Model: Primo PREM-40312 Eco Espresso
Primo PREM-40312 Eco Espresso Machine 1050W Pressure 19barCoffee type: Ground2 cups of coffeePressure 19barLarge round analog temperature display to monitor the temperature in the boilerSteam adjustment switchSimultaneous flow of coffee in 2 cupsDetachable water tank with a capacity of 1.2LSafety va..
Ex Tax:84.62€
Brand: Primo Model: Primo PREO-40387 Electric Stove
Primo PREO-40387 Electric Oven 50lt with 2 Hotplates and AirOven capacity 50LtAir operationCovered bottom resistanceOven lampOven power 1800WOven temperature range 90° - 230°C with stepless adjustment switchMedium and large focus power settingHigh quality ceramic glass hobsLarge size hearth Ø20cm. –..
Ex Tax:187.18€
Brand: Primo Model: Primo PRFH-81023 Αερόθερμο
Primo PRFH-81023 2000Watt Floor fan heaterMaximum Power (Watt) 2,000Power Levels 2Power per level (Watt) 1000/2000Power supply (Ph-Volt-Hz) 1-220-240V-50Weight (Kg) 2.0Primo Manufacturer PageSupplier Warranty Two (2) YearsCountry of Origin China..
Ex Tax:21.37€
PRIMO PRSF-80401 16'' 50W 40cm black/blue
3-4 Days
Brand: Primo Model: PRIMO PRSF-80401 16'' 50W 40cm black/blue
PRIMO PRSF-80401 16 '' 50W 40cm blackDiameter 16 ”- 40cm3 speeds4 wingsRotate right-left 90 °20 ° air direction adjustmentBase dimension 60x60cmAdjustable height 1.25cmPower 50WMotor very durable for greater durabilityNet..
Ex Tax:24.79€
PRIMO PRSF-80405 50W 16 '' 40cm black color floor standing
Out Of Stock
Brand: Primo Model: PRIMO PRSF80405
PRIMO PRSF-80405 50W 16 '' 40cm black colorDiameter 16 ”- 40cm3 operating speeds4 wingsWith "dimmer" type speed selector switchRotating 60 °Power 50WLength: 42.7Width: 17.3Height: 41.7..
Ex Tax:30.77€
Primo PRSF-80501 Floor Fan 50W with Diameter 40cm
Out Of Stock
Brand: Primo Model: Primo PRSF-80501
Primo PRSF-80501 Floor Fan 50W with Diameter 40cmDiameter: 16 ”-40cm4 wings3 SpeedsBase dimensions 60x60cm for greater stabilityRotate right-left 60 °Adjustable height 1.25mMotor very durable for greater durabilityPower: 50W..
Ex Tax:29.06€
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