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Braun MGK 3221 Trimmer
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Brand: Braun Model: MGK 3221
Braun MGK3221 is the ultimate 6 in 1 care set for men.Trim and keep your beard close, medium or long, contour,shaving and hair care with Sharp Blades and four combs,offers 13 lengths (0.5-21 mm) so you caneasily achieve the look you want on all your beards, face and hair...
Ex Tax:41.88€
Brand: Moser Model: 1591-0062
Moser ChroMini Pro 1591-0062Charging time 120 minutesExtended autonomy 100 minutes of continuous useCutting width: 32mmCutting length: 0.4mm for a perfect resultBlade material: New technology chrome-plated stainless steel star blade withquick release system for cutting safely and accuratelyWeight ju..
Ex Tax:85.47€
Brand: Philips Model: BT5515/15
Cutting element Stainless steel bladesRange of length settings 0.4-20 mm.Accuracy (degree size) From 0.2 mm.Number of length settings 40Ease of use Adjusting washerEasy adjustment of length settingsDisplay Battery displayOperation With and without cableCleaning Fully washableDriftLithium ion battery..
Ex Tax:76.84€
Philips BG7025/15
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Brand: Philips Model: BG7025/15
BODY SHAVER PHILIPS BG7025 / 15The products of the 7000 series have a unique double-sided design for easy switching between shaving and trimming. The shaver adapts to the curves of your body for a gentle shave. The trimmer has 5 different lengths for use on every part of your body.Effortless body ca..
Ex Tax:67.52€
Brand: Philips Model: BT3212/14
Create a 3-day beard very easilyThis trimmer with the revolutionary Lift & Trim system lifts and captures more small hairs for an effective and uniform trimming result. This way, you can have a 3-day beard, short or long beard, just the way you want it.The Lift & Trim system cuts 30% faster ..
Ex Tax:31.62€
Brand: Philips Model: BT3216/14
The Philips BT3216 with the revolutionary Lift & Trim system lifts and captures more small hairs for an effective and uniform trimming result. This way, you can have a 3-day beard, short or long beard, just the way you want it.Lift & Trim systemGraduation size: From 0.5 mm.Length adjustment ..
Ex Tax:35.90€
Philips MG3720
Out Of Stock
Brand: Philips Model: MG3720
7 in 1 face cutting machine for face and hair!- Self-sharpening blades- Washable accessories- 60 minutes autonomy- Includes: cutting head, precision micro-cutting head, special round nose part,ears and eyebrows, 1 adjustable comb for beard-beard, 2 combs for short beard,3 hair combs, soft storage an..
Ex Tax:29.91€
Brand: Philips Model: MG5716/90
Multigroom series 5000 MG5716 / 90 by Philips 10-in-1. Top styling and precision. Create your personal style with this versatile care product that includes 9 high quality accessories for your face, hair and body. Thanks to the self-sharpening blades you can easily create the style you want, while th..
Ex Tax:72.65€
PHILIPS MG7735/15 Trimmer
Out Of Stock
Brand: Philips Model: MG7735/15
Philips MG7735 / 15 Multigroom Series 7000 Hair clipperStainless steel blades DualCut technology120 minutes autonomy / charge 3 hours12 accessoriesWaterproofTop styling and precisionPerfect your personal style with our most flexible and expensive trimmer. 12 high quality accessories allow you to des..
Ex Tax:58.97€
Brand: Philips Model: NT3160/10
Trimmer for nose, ears and eyebrows.- Advanced system prevents pulling, tearing and cutting- Easily reaches the hairs inside the ear or nose- Extremely precise and sharp cutting slits.- Easy storage of all components- Easy to hold and control, even when wet- 2 combs to trim the eyebrows- ProtecTube ..
Ex Tax:20.51€
Brand: Philips Model: QP6505/21
Philips OneBlade Pro Lime QP6505 / 20 Shaver descriptionThe Philips OneBlade QP6505 / 20 shaver is a revolutionary hybrid styling device, with which you can trim and shave hair of any length and form clean lines and angles, avoiding cuts and irritations, thanks to the special double protection syste..
Ex Tax:67.52€
Philips trimmer MG3721/14
Out Of Stock
Brand: Philips Model: MG3721/14
"All in one" trimmerTry a new look, any day of the week, with this durable all-in-one trimmer. 7 high quality accessories allow you to easily create the exact style you want in your hair and face.Trimmer 7-in-17 accessoriesSelf-sharpening steel bladesOperating time up to 60 minutesWashable accessori..
Ex Tax:21.37€
Brand: Wahl Model: 1541-0460
Blade material: Self-sharpening stainless steel.Fast charge: 1 min for 3 min of continuous operation.Weight: 130gr.Voltage adjustment, for use in any country of the world.Additional accessories: Charger, Comb, Cleaning brush,blade lubrication oil.CHARACTERISTICS:Charging time: 60 minAutonomy: 180 mi..
Ex Tax:41.88€
Brand: Wahl Model: W9953
WAHL GROOMSMAN BODY RECHARGEABLE GROOMING KIT 09953 - 1016Description:Rechargeable trimmer ideal for the body with 3 heads• Blade material: Professional, self-sharpening carbon fiber blades.• 3 Spare heads: Trimmer, Shaver, head for details.• Cutting width: 30mm (trimmer) - 8mm (details) - 26mm (raz..
Ex Tax:35.90€
Wahl Home Pro 100
3-4 Days
Brand: Wahl Model: Home Pro 100
CURRENT CUTTER• Power: 9W Powerful, quiet long-lasting motor• Blade material: Professional, self-sharpening steel bladeswith carbon fiber.• Cutting width: 40 mm.• Cutting length: 0.8 mm.• Combs: 8 clip-on (3,6,10,13,16,19,22 & 25mm).• Heavy duty head.• Additional accessories: Cleaning brush, bla..
Ex Tax:21.37€
Brand: Wahl Model: W30884
Cutting length: 0.9 mmCutting width: 40mm8 guide combs with cutting lengths 3/6/10/13/16/19/22 / 25mmCharging time: 16hAutonomy: 40minCharging LED lightDetachable washable stainless steel bladesAutomatic voltage adjustment for use in all countries of the worldAccessories: Blade lubricating oil, clea..
Ex Tax:33.33€
Brand: Philips Model: Philips 3000 8in1 Hair and beard (MG3730/15)
Philips 3000 8in1 Face and Hair (MG3730 / 15)8 in 1 face cutting machine for face and hair!Self-sharpening blades, washable parts, 60 minutes autonomy,Includes: cutting head, special round accessory for nose, ears and eyebrows, 1 adjustable comb for beard-beard, 2 combs for shortbeard, 3 hair combs,..
Ex Tax:29.91€
Brand: Philips Model: Philips BT1209/15
Philips BT1209 / 15 Cutting MachinePhilips BT1209 / 15 Cutting Machine with double self-sharpening steel blades and USB charging.Appliance Type TrimmerBeard MachineTitanium Blade MaterialSelf-sharpening Blades YesNumber of Comb Generations 2Battery Charging Time in Minutes 8Operating Time in Minutes..
Ex Tax:24.79€
Brand: Philips Model: PHILIPS MG7745/15 Full Body/Face Trimmer
PHILIPS MG7745 / 15 Face cutting machineOperating Type: RechargeableAutonomy: 180 'Cutting Positions: 14Length adjustment: 0.5 - 10mmAccessories: 14 accessories, Cleaning brush, Storage casePlus: DualCut technology for maximum accuracy with 2 times more bladesMultigroom series 7000 14-in-1, Face, Ha..
Ex Tax:84.62€
Brand: Philips Model: Philips Trimmer MG5720/15
Philips Hair Clipper Set MG5720 / 15Philips men's care set, suitable for more detailed haircuts in small areas such as ears and nose. It works with a battery, while 960 minutes are required for a full charge, which provides up to 80 minutes of autonomy. The package contains 8 components.- Number of ..
Ex Tax:58.97€
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