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Built In Home Appliances

Bosch HBA334YB0 + PKE611B17E Built In Set
Brand: Bosch Model: HBA334 PKE611B17E
Bosch HBA334YB0 Built-in Oven + GIFT Telescopic MechanismBuilt-in oven (counter), Serie | 4Energy class: ΑUseful chamber space: 71 L,Oven with 7 modes of operation, 3D Hotair - perfect results thanks to the optimal heat distribution in three levels at the same time,Oven inner surface with high-stren..
Ex Tax:640.17€
Bosch HBA5360S0 + PKF651FP1E Built In Set
Brand: Bosch Model: HBA536S0 PKF651FP1E
Bosch HBA5360S0 ovenBuilt-in oven (counter), Serie | 6 Energy class: ΑUseful chamber space: 71 L, Oven with 7 operating modes, Inner oven surface with non-stick enamelhigh strength Granit Email EcoClean Direct: almost no cleaning requiredthanks to the special coating of the rear ..
Ex Tax:657.26€
Brand: Candy Model: FCP 825XL CH64CCB
CANDY FCP825XL BUILT OVEN 70 LITER-ROPThe harmonious lines of linear design and attention to detail make the aesthetics of POP EVO flexible and suitable for any type of kitchen. Different color combinations and multiple functions designed for every need, create a perfect match between the basic eleg..
Ex Tax:529.06€
Brand: Davoline Model: SL70BR
Hood type: SimpleDimension: 70 cmBrown colorMaximum Absorption: 352 m3 / hMotor: 2Acrylic filtersOperating Levels 3Noise Level 69 dbDimensions in cm (H x W x D) 13 x 70 x 48.7..
Ex Tax:76.07€
Brand: Davoline Model: 360 LUX PLUS
DAVOLINE OLYMPIA 360 LUX PLUSWHITE Hood FREE2 MOTORSMAXIMUM ABSORPTION IEC 445 m³ / h3 OPERATION LEVELSMETAL FILTERS CASEDIMENSIONS 13 x 60 x 48.7CHARACTERISTICSHood Type FreeDimensions in cm (H x W x D) 13 x 60 x 48.7Maximum Absorption 445 m3 / hEnergy Consumption DOperating Levels 3Color WhiteMoto..
Ex Tax:67.52€
Brand: Faber Model: 2740 A75
Brown colorKeys: Sliding SwitchLighting: 2 LEDs 4000KFilters: MetalCarbon filter (Cod. 112.0157.238)Pipe perimeter: 100/120 mmWidth: 750 mmEnergy Class: DMotor: 2Speeds: 3Pressure: 130/240/330Absorbent power: 205/275/380Input: 155/175/230Noise level: 55/63/70Dimensions YxWxD: 15 x 75 x 49..
Ex Tax:94.16€
Pyramis 60AP 1006Α Inox + 58HL 4003 Built In Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Pyramis Model: 60AP 1006Α 58HL 4003
Countertop ovenDimensions: 595 x 595 x 570mmOperating programs: 6Capacity: 66 litersDouble door glassDetachable inner crystalEasy to clean interior coatingIncludes: 1 grill, 1 baking tray (45x36x3,5cm)Energy Class AColor: InoxHotspots with 4 Highlight Zones:Top left Φ210mm / 2300WTop right Φ145mm / ..
Ex Tax:341.03€
Siemens HB513ABR00/ET645HE17 Built in Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Siemens Model: HB513ABR00 ET645HE17
Built-in Oven Countertop HB513ABR00Oven type / Heating systems:Built-in oven with 5 modes of operation: 3D hotAir Plus, Up & Down Heating, Combination of hot air with grill, Large surface grill, Hot air / gentle bakingTemperature range 50 ° C - 275 ° COven capacity: 71 litersDesignFixed switches..
Ex Tax:597.44€
Brand: Bosch Model: BOSCH HBF134ES1 + PKE611B17E Set
BOSCH HBF134ES1 + PKE611B17E Countertop Oven 66lt with Ceramic Hobs Specifications:Built-in oven (counter), Serie | 2Energy class: ΑUseful cabin space: 66L,Oven with 7 modes of operation, 3DHotair - perfect results thanks to the optimal heat distribution on three levels at the same time,Oven in..
Ex Tax:623.08€
Brand: Bosch Model: Bosch Set HRA334EB0 Oven 71lt black +PKE645B17E Ceramic Hobs
Bosch built-in oven that can be combined with any independent hob and can be placed independently of them at any point. It has a capacity of 71 liters, which is considered sufficient for an average family. In addition, the inner surface of the oven contains enamel, which helps in automatic cleaning ..
Ex Tax:846.15€
Brand: Bosch Model: BOSCH HBA5360B0 + BOSCH PKE645B17E SET
BOSCH OVEN HBA5360B0 71 l 3400W Black + BOSCH PKE645B17E Hobs SETEnergy classification: APrograms: 10Capacity: 71 Lfrequency: 50 - 60 HzVoltage: 220 - 240 VFunction: Grillpower: 3400 WBlack colorBosch Serie 6 HBA5360B0. Oven size: Medium, oven type: Electric oven, Total oven capacity (s): 71 L. Prod..
Ex Tax:759.83€
Brand: Candy Model: Candy Dishwasher 45cm CDIH1D952
Candy Dishes Fully Built-in 45cm CDIH1D952The fully built-in CDIH 1D952 dishwasher from Candy is built into a cabinet. Its front can be covered with the material of the cabinets in order to fully harmonize with the rest of the kitchen composition, since the screen and control buttons are hidden. It ..
Ex Tax:341.03€
Brand: Candy Model: Candy PCT25CB & CH64CCB Oven and Hobs Set
Candy PCT25CB & CH64CCB Built-in SetCandy fitted kitchen, with PCT25CB oven & CH64CCB hobsOven & hobs.Ceramic hob material.4 burners.Hotplate operation lock.Digital Indicators.Touch Keys.Oven lighting.Submersible Switches.Cooking start and end programming timer.Switches: SubmersibleWith ..
Ex Tax:640.17€
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Brand: Davoline Model: DAVOLINE SET DSXO 8004IX + OBVC605Z
DAVOLINE SET Oven+Hob (DSXO 8004IX + OBVC605Z)Built-in dimensions in cm (WxDxH): 59.5×59.4×54.7 (oven) & 59×52×4.8 (hobs)Hob type: CeramicNumber of fireplaces: 5Oven capacity: 72 lCooking methods: 88 operating programsThe oven has 8 programs that cover all needs: Upper and lower resistance, lowe..
499.00€ 599.00€
Ex Tax:426.50€
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Brand: Pyramis Model: PYRAMIS 60AΠ 1065 INOX + 58HL 4003 BUILT IN SET
Pyramis 60AP 1065 Inox Oven Counter OvenEnergy class: ACapacity: 66 LtOperating programs: 8Door glass: Double (Internally removable)Rails: SideEasy to clean: Internal coatingDigital watch: TouchIncludes: 1 grill, 1 baking tray (45 x 36 x 3.5 cm)Color: InoxDimensions: 595 x 595 x 570 mmPyramis 58HL 4..
Ex Tax:486.32€
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